16 Space-Saving Ideas to Make Any Small Apartment Feel Cozier


“Home is where the heart is.” A house transforms into a home with its people, their feelings, and their togetherness. Each home speaks to the personality of its inhabitants. And who wouldn’t love their place to feel a little more spacious, bright, and homey? While a bigger home is everyone’s dream, you can make the most of your place by maximizing the available space.

Lightingss brings you some astonishing tips and ideas to make the most of your space and liven up the decor with a modern touch.

1. This bunk bed is classy and saves space.


Swap a traditional bed with this bunk bed to create that much-needed extra space in your child’s room for play or study. With a minimalistic and modern design, it’s easy on the eyes. Plus, it takes care of the issue of privacy too.

2. Get the best of both worlds: a study and a sitting area.

Are you unable to decide whether you want a desk or a sofa in your room? Why not both? With this space-saving, minimalist design, you can include both in your room. This also makes space for storing books and papers.

3. Play with colors and designs.

Use empty wall space and create this unique decor-plus-storage area. Keep books, keepsakes, souvenirs, or anything on this built-in unit. The use of contrasting colors accentuates the style and makes the wall stand out.


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