12+ Game of Thrones Decor Ideas That’ll Get You In the Mood Before the Final Season


Since premiering in 2011, Game of Thrones has been an epic powerhouse of TV royalty. It’s been HBO’s most popular show for the last 4 years, even in 2018, where no new episodes aired. The land of deceit, love, battles, dragons, white walkers, and waifs have successfully integrated fantasy into our normal world, and let’s be honest, there’s not one fan that wouldn’t want most aspects of their lives to look a little like Westeros.

We at Lightingss wanted to commemorate what is going to be the monumental final season by letting you get Game of Thrones mad one last time before it premiers on Sunday. Check out our list of awesome decor ideas to buy to remember the show forever.

1. The most tragic moment can somehow be turned into a funny little doormat.


2. Always feel like royalty, even when you’re doing your business. (Let’s just hope Tyrion isn’t around.)


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