12 Ways to Reuse Plastic the Planet Will Thank You For


Plastic litter has truly become inescapable, and there’s nowhere you can hide from this pollution. Scientists discovered that tiny shrimp-like creatures living on the bottom of the Mariana Trench have plastic particles in their digestive systems. We’ve gone way too far in polluting our planet and it’s high time we all started to use less plastic and reuse it in all possible ways.

Here at Lightingss, we’ve found some easy and creative ways to give plastic items a second life. And don’t miss our bonus tip at the end of the article that will show you how to turn ordinary plastic bags into functional home décor.

1. Use the bottoms of plastic bottles for making DIY Christmas decorations.


Every year, we buy tons of Christmas ornaments to decorate our Christmas trees and houses. But why not try and make your own ornaments using old plastic bottles? Cut off the bottoms and heat the edges above an iron or a stove for a bit so that they’re no longer that sharp. Paint the bottoms with glitter glue, add some nice ribbons, and enjoy your eco-friendly Christmas decorations!


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