14 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of


Your home is a cozy place where you’re supposed to feel comfy and safe. But sometimes we keep useless and even dangerous items there that take up too much space and affect our health negatively.

Lightingss has created a list of everyday things that we’re better off getting rid of.

Plastic dishware


Yes, these plastic utensils are light and you don’t have to wash them, but it’s still better to use ordinary dishware since plastic plates and cups are extremely dangerous for our planet. It’s better to spend a few minutes washing your dishware than contribute to plastic pollution.

Nail polish with a surprise

Many lacquers contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and other hazardous ingredients that can affect our health. Nail artists are more at risk of severe diseases than others: they inhale evaporated chemicals from nail products every day.

Get acquainted with all the components in a nail polish before buying it. As for nail salons, it’s better to air all the rooms out as often as possible.


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