12 Ways Decorating Apartment Bedroom


The benefits of renting are many: someone else has to deal with that overflowing toilet, hiring a gardener isn’t your problem, when it’s time to re-roof, the money isn’t coming out of your bank account. Plus, renting can be the best solution if you know your stay in a particular city is short-term, or you’re still getting the lay of the land after a relocation. Still, there are also undeniable downsides to being a renter: ever-increasing rent, of course, but also an inability to change your home’s paint or flooring (at least, not unless you want to lose your security deposit.)

If you reside in an apartment, you nearly definitely have the standard renter’s bedroom: beige wall-to-wall carpet and Swiss coffee or the same off-white paint on the walls. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a palette of neutrals as a room’s decorating base: it’s safe, it’s sure to match whatever furnishings you bring with you, and it makes the generally small rooms of an apartment look a touch larger. But a same room will get stale once a minute, or perhaps you’re more of a color lover, to begin with. If so, don’t despair. Just because you rent doesn’t mean you are doomed to living with someone else’s color preferences forever. There are literally quite few ways in which to liven up a rental room (or the other room of your apartment, for that matter) while not going away permanent damage you’ll have to pay for when it’s time to move on. Here are 25 ideas for adding a personal touch to your apartment bedroom.



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