10 Ways to Decorating Your Bathroom with Fall Theme


With the autumn getting closer, you must have started wondering about Halloween and Thanksgiving preparation. You can decorate your house accordingly to those famous annual celebrations, but we’ve got some unique tips for impressive bath room decorations during fall!

Fall is the perfect season to connect with nature, hence it is recommended to splash reds, browns, or oranges to the interior. If you have a white bathroom, you just need a few tweaks to drag the fall atmosphere inside. Put orange flowers with translucent vase beside the washstand, and place orange towels near it. Apply small brick-like patterns around the mirror with varied orange hues. Don’t forget to hang a fall-inspired colors shower curtain. You can try dark red with simple lined patterns to stay elegant. You can also opt for orange to add a cheerful ambiance upon taking a shower.

The next part to consider is the natural elements. Get some glass jars; the shape is flexible to your preference. Fill them with acorns, pine cones, or colored leaves. Add a white therapy candle in the middle of each jar to maintain balance and harmony.  Then, you can put them on wooden bathroom racks or hang them near the vanity mirror.



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