12+ Minimalist And Futuristic Bathroom Remodelling Ideas


The bathroom seems to collect things faster than other rooms in the house. Half empty bottles of shampoo line the edges of the bathtub, tooth brushes are tossed into a cup beside the sink, and hair products, face creams, and ointments gather in a bin under the sink. If this all sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to transform your bathroom into a minimalist oasis. Here are 24 ideas to help you make the change and inspire you to declutter your bathroom.

Clutter is a minimalists worst nightmare. The key to achieving a minimalist bathroom is to eliminate the litter. This means no more toothpaste tubes strewn across the counter, hair brushes tossed into overflowing baskets, or excessive decor perched strategically on shelves.Anything you bring into your minimalist bathroom should be both beautiful and functional. There’s no room for things that don’t serve a purpose. Make sure that even the easy things, like a towel rack or a soap bottle, perform their function beautifully. Use neutral colors, like white or gray, for the walls and scatter alternative neutral tones throughout the area as accents. This keeps the bathroom feeling open and bright even though you’ve got no windows and enhances the natural light-weight if you’ve got some.



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