5 Easy Ways To Dress Up A Tin Can


Easy & Creative DIY Recycled Craft Ideas

If you’re looking for fun and easy recycled craft ideas, try adding some personality to simple old TIN CANS! You would never guess that these beautiful and unique containers were made out of soup cans that would normally end up in the trash.

These tin can recycled projects can be used for home and office organization, pretty table displays, holiday garland, a clever little vase, makeup brush holders, or anything else around the house you want to keep organized or just make a little prettier.

This simple idea is very budget friendly and even easy enough for kids to make. You can cover a tin can in just about anything, you just have to be creative with the materials you already have at home.

Watch for sharp edges when washing your cans.


1. Sticks & Hot Glue

This design took me the longest to make but it’s definitely my favorite. The sticks make for the perfect rustic container for displaying holiday garland and flowers. My daughter said it looked like something I bought at a store. Isn’t she the BEST!?


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