DIY Pinecone Flowers With Stems


Painted Pinecone Flower Arrangement Tutorial

I have a thing for pinecones. I don’t know what it is, I just find them to be incredibly charming. I’m also not a very colorful person and prefer neutral colors. If you saw my home you’d know what I mean– lots of beige and then more beige.

I’ve been wanting to make these pinecone flowers for a while now, but couldn’t determine in my head how I was going to make the stems. I knew I was going to use skewers, but then how do I attach them to the pinecones? I would need a miracle glue or something.

Then it hit me.

A drill! If I could just drill a shallow hole in the bottom of each pine cone, then I’m certain that a little hot glue would hold the skewer stems in place.


I made these pinecone flowers for Christmas, but you could decorate them for just about any occasion.


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