Fun DIY Puzzle Piece Craft Ideas


Do you have any old jigsaw puzzles laying around taking up valuable shelf space? Put those colorful pieces to use! There are so many awesome ways to be creative with unwanted puzzles including easy crafts, wall art, room decor, group projects, gifts and much more.

These simple craft ideas are cheap, easy and a great way to recycle both small and large puzzle pieces.

Fun & Creative Puzzle Piece Projects To Try

DIY Puzzle Piece Wall Decor

There are an endless amount of ways to incorporate bright, multi-colored puzzle pieces into a work of art, and this leafy tree was especially fun to make.


I simply painted a tree trunk with branches onto a 16″x20″ canvas. I then used clear tacky glue to adhere random puzzle pieces in-between the branches, avoiding the edge pieces because I didn’t want any straight lines (I don’t think you find too many of those in nature). I also ended up cutting a few of the pieces to get them to fit how I wanted.


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