15 Amazing DIY Rope Crafts For Your Home


I’m pretty obsessed with rope and twine, no matter the thickness, type of rope, or color, so these DIY rope crafts have got me so excited!

It’s also reassuring to know that rope such as hemp and sisal are 100% biodegradable and therefore won’t leave an impact on the environment should some ever end up in a landfill.

Every time I go to the Dollar Store, I always check the craft section and chances are, there’s a new rope there just waiting to be purchased. Since I’ve got so many types of ropes sitting in a box, I decided I needed some inspiration for some DIY rope crafts.

As someone who lives near the ocean, I am absolutely in love with coastal decor and pretty much anything to do with the beach. Rope is easily one of the best ways to bring some ocean vibes into your home.

I also find rope perfect for rustic decor, which I also love, so it makes sense why I’m a little obsessed.

The fact that you can usually get some rope at the Dollar Store is another plus because we all enjoy crafting on a budget. One of the reasons for doing it ourselves is to save some money, right?

These DIY rope craft ideas will surely inspire you to get to craftin’ because they are super creative – I want to do them all!

1. Sisal Rope Ottoman



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