7 DIY Natural Christmas Decor For the Sustainable Minimalist


Using elements from the earth to make natural Christmas decorations is a great way to reduce waste during the holidays, to show your love for nature, and to make your home smell great naturally.

These DIY natural Christmas decorations are a great eco-friendly alternative than buying cheap, plastic decorations that may break easily and end up in the garbage.

And making them yourself is always an even better feeling than buying something pre-made from a store anyway.

Oftentimes, you can simply pick up the natural materials required for these DIY projects from your backyard, such as twigs, pine cones, and pine branches.

Ideally, try not to massacre your trees for these, but look on the ground to see what has already fallen off your trees!

I’ve got a thing for nature and minimalist decor. I just love all things nature-oriented and the simplicity of minimal decorations.

If you feel the same way, you’ll adore these DIY natural Christmas decorations I have rounded up for you below.

There are homemade decoration ideas for Christmas tree ornaments, garlands and wreaths!

1. Natural Twig Ornaments


This natural DIY Christmas decoration using branches is the perfect addition to your tree!

What you’ll need:

  • Branches or twigs
  • Branch cutters
  • Glue gun
  • Twine

Read this rustic twig ornament tutorial by the DIY Dreamer.


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