8 Best Coastal Christmas DIY Ideas (Trees, Ornaments and Decor)


If you’re a lover of the ocean and all things nautical, you may be looking for some coastal Christmas DIY ideas to incorporate some beach vibes during the holiday season.

And guess what?

There are a ton of different ways that you can do this!

By using natural elements like shells, twine, sand, and driftwood, and then some DIY inspiration, you can have an amazing coastal Christmas that won’t hurt your budget, and using items that you may have already collected beforehand.

I scoured Pinterest to look for some of the absolute best coastal Christmas DIY ideas to share with you all, and maybe also for my own personal convenience..

I live by the ocean, and my collection of shells and beach rocks is getting a little out of hand.

1. DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree


This driftwood Christmas tree DIY by Sustain my Craft Habit is beautiful and super simple to make.

Nothing says coastal more than driftwood!


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