DIY Macrame Candle Holder Tutorial


Macrame Candle Light Holder Tutorial

Ever since I learn how to make macrame pieces, I have been in love and looking for different ways to make more easy DIY Macrame decorations. When I saw this glass jar, I knew I wanted to turn it into a macrame candle holder right away.

It does look like a lot of macrame knots that you have to make to finish this macrame project, but it actually came together quite quickly! And really, I only used 3 different macrame knots to create this easy macrame candle holder. 

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Candle Light Materials:

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How To make a Macrame Light Holder

The pattern for this macrame candle jar has a repeat of 4 double strands.

So each 4 double strands make up one pointy part of the design. So if you are using a different size jar, you can calculate your cords based on this repeat of 4 double strands.

For this jar, you will make 12 pointed designs, so you need 48 double strands. But then take 1 away since the strand that goes around the rim of the jar and holds all the other strings will be used as the last double strand.

And try to make the strands at least twice as long as the jar. So for this jar we need them 12″ long.

  • First you need to cut 47 pieces that are each 24’long.
  • 1 piece 34’long.

Then fold each piece in half and attach it to the one longer piece with a Larkshead knot.


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