Macrame DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial


Macrame DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

I love a simple Holiday DIY Project and these Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments are perfect! You can make a few of them in different sizes and styles and have plenty to give as gifts and stocking stuffers!

Once you completed this beginner Macrame DIY and want to work on more projects, try your hands on my Macrame Necklace and Macrame Keychain Tutorials. And of course, the Macrame Feather Earrings. They are made just like this Christmas Tree, just cut differently at the end!


Here is a quick video if you want to see the knots in action!

Start out with a 15″ string and fold it in half.

Then also cut 14 5″ pieces of the string and 2 10″ pieces of string. Those 2 long pieces are used for the last row and to knot the tree trunk.


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