Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Tutorial


How to Make a Macrame Dream Catcher

It is amazing how much you can do with simple macrame knots! This beginner Macrame wall hanging looks sophisticated and intricate yet only uses 3 easy macrame knots. This Macrame dream catcher is perfect for any boho home decor and I already found the perfect spot for it

Want to learn how to make this macrame dream catcher?

All you need is 2 metal rings to create the illusion of a sun and a crescent moon. Do you see how the 2 parts come together? Then I twirled the long macrame cords to act as posts for the blue macrame feathers that dangle below the macrame moon. You can use another color for the feather or even use the same natural color macrame cord. totally depends on your home decor and personal preference. I just LOVE that shade of blue. So I always tend to go for blue details.

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